What is special education?


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Many people are wondering what is special education. Special education is the upbringing, teaching children who have a disorder in speech development, cognitive processes, hearing, and vision. For a child with developmental problems, it is very important to meet a teacher who will help her adapt to the social environment, learn to read, write, identify with the future profession. Now you know what is special education. The defectologist, the speech therapist must love and know the children, be sensitive to the problems of other people, emotionally balanced, active, and creative attitude to his profession. Students specializing in “Special Education” study:
  • anatomical-physiological and clinical basis of developmental disorders;
  • psychological peculiarities of children with psychophysical defects;
  • methods of correction-developmental influence;
  • special methods of preschool education and teaching of school disciplines;
  • speech therapy.
A graduate of specialty “Special Education” should know what is special education:
  • Causes and peculiar intellectual development;
  • the basics of education and education of adolescents with disagreeable instructional needs;
  • methods of psychological and pedagogical diagnostics;
  • the content material of preschool and college curricula and schooling applications for youth with speech and cognitive impairments;
  • methods of psychological correction and the content of psychological assist for kids with exceptional educational needs;
  • methods of speech remedy diagnostics and correction of adolescents of preschool and junior faculty age;
  • patterns of social adaptation and rehabilitation of teenagers with developmental disabilities.
A graduate of specialty “Special Education” should be able to:
  • to behavior lookup on intellectual functions, the nation of speech formation, personal qualities, and the stage of social adaptation of youth with developmental disabilities in order to grant them with sufficient assistance;
  • to prepare and raise out corrective-development and correctional and educational work with teenagers with distinctive needs;
  • to behavior educational and instructional work in specialised pre-school and faculty instructional institutions;
  • systematically improve their expert qualifications, layout and carry out lookup work;
  • in professional activities, contact with social businesses that deal with the problems of teens with distinct needs;
  • to behavior lecture and propaganda work aimed at disseminating among the population understanding about the reasons of developmental abnormalities, mainly the upbringing of children with psychophysical defects.
Graduates of specialty “Special Education” are trained to carry out correctional and pedagogical work with children with speech impairment, mental retardation, mental retardation and other psychophysical defects.