How to list education in progress on resume?


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1. Keep your brevity There is no single “recipe” for how to submit information about basic education and additional training in a resume. However, most HR managers and recruiters appreciate minimalism. “Choose key information. The main thing is to indicate training that is directly related to your future work,” the expert notes. 2. Show the most valuable basic education Today, education is usually not the main criterion for selecting a candidate, but it is important to indicate it in the summary. How to list education in progress on resume ? Or immediately after the “cap”, in which the name, surname, desired position appear (option is preferable for young specialists), or after a block with work experience (for experienced candidates). The classical formulation: the full name of the university, years of study, faculty, specialty, form of education, educational qualification level. But it can be reduced only to the name of the university and specialty. 3. Include online courses in additional education. How to list education in progress on resume, for example, about trainings, courses and master classes. Here, according to our expert, there are also two options. The first is to list the programs after work experience: specify the topics, if desired – the organizers, and the year of study. The second option is to include information about getting an education in the “Experience” section of the summary. That is, to record: the period of work in the company, position, functional responsibilities, result, and succinctly – completed training. For example, training on effective communications or obtaining professional certification. 4. Look to the future If you have completed many trainings, you do not need to list them all: in addition to basic education, 5-7 key programs are enough in the resume. No need to specify something that does not apply to your profession. At the same time, consider your development plans. For example, if an ordinary specialist indicates in a resume that he has undergone a management training, for a company this may be a signal that a person is planning to develop as a manager. And if the company has such prospects, the interviewer will try to confirm the assumption at the interview. 5. Be prepared to talk about your motivation and learning outcomes. “For employers, not the names of programs are as important as the motivation of a person to learn,” Antonina shares her experience. It is important who initiates participation in trainings: the specialist himself or former managers? “Besides, it’s not the fact of passing the training that matters, but what the specialist has learned in his subject area,” the expert clarifies. How to list education in progress on resume is not indicated. But this is important to consider for the future – for an interview: if the employer realizes that learning for you was serving a duty, and did not bring real knowledge and skills – this does not carry value.